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What is concrete Watcher™?

CONCRETE WATCHER™ is the best solution for in-transit monitoring of slump and water additions in concrete mixer trucks.

It is the ONLY solution where you can actually SEE what is happening to your concrete in real time.

CONCRETE WATCHER™ is an exclusive patented (pending) solution by the creators of Concrete Quality.

How does it work?

CONCRETE WATCHER™ uses a high-resolution camera to view inside the truck mixer and obtain video recordings of the entire loading, transporting, and dumping process.

An Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) system evaluates the images to determine consistency and detect water additions in real time.

The recordings are automatically stored on a cloud server and can be viewed remotely.

What does it control?

Our unique Artificial Intelligence model can determine, in real time:

It’s like having eyes on every

concrete delivery, all the time.


Remove all blind spots of the delivery process, from the plant to the job, and back

Keep recordings of every concrete delivery for full traceability

Automatic alerts and hard evidence of any tampering or unauthorized additions, no matter the source

Complies with project requirements for automated slump control on delivery

New insights into your delivery process and mix behavior that will improve your profits and your customers’ satisfaction

Avoid quality issues by detecting washout water remaining in the truck before loading

Controls both your concrete and the drivers’ performance

Can connect to automated dosing equipment to add admixture and/or water in the right amount, at the right time

System components

High-definition camera

An HD camera with a very small size, very flexible, can be placed in the right spot for recording. IP68 protection.


A high-performance on-board computer that records and processes the camera images. Runs the driver application and uploads the videos to the server.


The interface used by the driver to interact with the system.

4G Modem

4G modem for in-transit data transmission (inside the protective box).

Protective case

Mounted at the rear of the truck, containing all electronics and communications.


Connects to the external battery pack for power. 300W capacity, very low consumption (max. 150W).

Air filters

The protective case is equipped with special air filters to protect the electronics.

Light source

High-power flashlight (25W LED) to light up the drum’s interior for better images.


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Easy plug & play installation:

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