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In-transit concrete monitoring
with Artificial Intelligence

What is Concrete Watcher™?

The concept is very simple: a technology that allows me to know in real time what is going on with my concrete, as if it was looking at it myself.

CONCRETE WATCHER™ records and analyzes everything that happens inside the drum, by recording videos throughout the process: from before loading until returning to the plant.

Videos are analyzed in real time and on the truck itself, using the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

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CONCRETE WATCHER™ allows concrete producers to obtain complete control over everything that occurs during transport, being able to identify, analyze, and guarantee quality of the concrete from loading on plant to complete pour on site.

Main features

What does CONCRETE WATCHER™ do, and how does it work?

Continuous recording

The system records everything that happens inside the drum, and automatically warns if the camera gets blocked.

Artificial intelligence

Concrete Watcher™ performs real-time analysis using Artificial Intelligence, even without data connection.

Real-time alerts

Sends immediate alerts for any important event, to all involved personnel (driver, managers, etc.)

Guaranteed reliability

All recordings are stored in the system, perfectly identified by truck, with exact timestamp.

Automatic transmission

Concrete Watcher™ uses WiFi or 4G connection to automatically upload analytics and videos.

Complete management app

Use a management application to manage the status of the entire fleet in real time, and review all recordings and analytics.

Simple installation


A very easy system to install, without connections to truck systems, completely protected and safe.

Simply install the camera in the correct position, and power it with 24V from the external battery box. It’s so easy!

A real view of the inside of the drum at the moment of an unintentional concrete spillage during transport.


Complete visualization of the condition of the concrete inside the truck

  • State of the truck: empty, with water, or loaded with concrete
  • Measure the speed and direction of rotation
  • Detects water additions, no matter the source
  • Controls loading and pouring
  • Informs you of spillage during transport
  • Evaluates slump in real time

Everything under control

A management application that controls the state of your fleet in real time.

Allows you to view the details of each truck, see history, statistics, and analytics. With CONCRETE WATCHER™ you will have total control and perfect traceability at all times.

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