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We are looking for investors to help us reach the next level

Investment opportunity

Concrete Watcher S.L. is a Spanish company founded in 2022, owner of a unique patented technology in the world of construction, particularly in the ready-mix concrete industry.

We are currently looking for investors specialized in the concrete and construction industry, to provide funding that can help us grow Concrete Watcher‘s business through synergies with its current activities. We offer equity and a solid and profitable business model.

Current situation

At this time the ownership is 100% of the founding partners, who have completed the MVP through their own investment and that of Family & Friends (bootstrap).

Management Team

Management team made up of partners:

CEO with 20+ years of experience in the concrete industry, having worked in management positions in companies that are the end client. International experience as a consultant and speaker, and experience in his own startup for over 10 years (Concrete Quality

CTO with more than 20 years of experience in systems, programming, and A.I. Experience as founder in several startups.

Proven and Patented Technology

The Concrete Watcher technology has been submitted for patent in Spain and in the USA .

All technological development has been carried out in-house, using the latest A.I. technologies.

The technology is in the commercial phase, with an MVP at TRL 9.

Strategic plan for the expansion of technology in synergy with other operating businesses (Concrete Quality) on TRL 6.

United States Patent

Virgin market

There are very few competitors in the market, with a low presence in North America and the United Kingdom, but an expected boom of demand in the short term, since work is being done on regulations that officially promote the use of systems such as Concrete Watcher, and it is already required in certain landmark projects (e.g. HS2 in the UK).

Given the difficulty of developing these technologies, for which the concrete industry must be known intimately, and the patent protection of all actors, the entry barrier is high for new competitors.

Synergies and Partners

There are many synergies to exploit with actors currently operating in the concrete industry, from companies that perform mix design optimization by A.I., quality control systems, other monitoring systems such as GPS tracking…

The development of technology, both hardware and software, is a great barrier to entry for other competitors, which is why current partners have shown great interest in collaborating for the sales and distribution of Concrete Watcher through partnerships.

Currently Concrete Watcher has partners in different continents: USA, UK, Middle East, South Africa, South America. We are constantly looking for new partners and take advantage of the current network of Concrete Quality.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for investors for a series A capital investment, preferably specialized in the construction sector to exploit synergies with their current activities. The investment will be used for international commercial expansion, and improvements and extensions to the MVP, which has already been proven functional in a real environment.