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Concrete Watcher™ is a product by the creator of Concrete Quality

A complete software for Quality Control and Assurance, for concrete producers, laboratories, and consultants. A full-fledged technically-based Business Intelligence system.

Frequent questions

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Concrete Watcher™
Of course, we would love to! Contact us through the contact form on this page or call us at +34 657 116 373, we will schedule an appointment with a demonstration and a consulting session with you at no cost. During the call, one of our experts will discuss your case and your goals, and we will prepare an action plan to address it together.

The price may vary according to different available options, but it’s a one-time purchase for each hardware unit, with an annual subscription for the use of the software. Depending on your country we may be able to offer you a SIM card with a data plan for each unit.

Yes! We can integrate and connect Concrete Watcher with any other systems you have: GPS tracking, batching, ERP, etc.

Not at all! If you’re reading this you have all the skills necessary to use Concrete Watcher, it’s management app, and receive alerts and notifications directly to your phone.

Installation is very simple: just attached the box with the electronics in a safe place on the truck, install the camera, and power it directly with the external battery pack (24V DC). All parts are weather resistant. No need to interfere with any of the truck’s systems.