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This changes everything

A reliable partner that covers all your concrete quality  control needs

Concrete Watcher™ is the revolutionary technology that the entire industry has been waiting for, to carry out complete monitoring of the concrete from the loading at the plant to the pouring on site.

CONCRETE WATCHER™ is the best solution to monitor the condition of the concrete inside the truck.

This is the ONLY solution with which you can actually SEE what is happening to your concrete in real time.

CONCRETE WATCHER™ is a patented (pending) solution by the creator of Concrete Quality.

Control y trazabilidad del hormigón en todas las etapas
Concrete Watcher es una solución patentada en España y Estados Unidos

Our systems monitors concrete during transport in countries around the world

CONCRETE WATCHER™ is a system tested by companies in countries around the world: Spain, England, Belgium or the United Arab Emirates, recognizing the benefits that Concrete Watcher brings.

Presencia de Concrete Watcher™ en todo el mundo

An experienced team

Our team has the real experience necessary to successfully develop and implement the Concrete Watcher system in any condition.

Juan Manuel Pereira: Consultor experto en tecnología del hormigón con más de 20 años de experiencia internacional en la industria.

Juan Manuel Pereira CEO - MAS Eng, MICT

Inventor and co-founder

Expert consultant in hormigón technology
with more than 20 years of international experience in the industry.

Juan Manuel has held technical and management positions in the prepared hormone, prefabricated, and additive sectors, and has been a consultant in Europe, the Middle East and China.

Alfredo Ayala. CTO de Concrete Watcher

Alfredo Ayala


Alfredo has more than 20 years of experience in systems, programming, and expands experience in Artificial Intelligence.
He has worked in multinationals and his own startups.

Nazareno Quiroga. Concrete Watcher

Nazareno Quiroga
Full-stack developer

Nazareno has experience developing the software Concrete Quality, and recently joined the Concrete Watcher team to lead the implementation of user applications.

Companies that have tried Concrete Watcher